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Flight of a Hummingbird

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I make no promises to post anything here, but it's one way of trying to keep up with so many people who are scattering to different places. Including me.

I'm not going to post about everyday life, for the most part, but I am going to put up some of the more notable moments here and there, as they happen or as I remember them. Things that have stood out in my memory, or made me who I am, or show who I am. They'll come from my work with the Fire Brigade, my work as a science communicator with school students, my times guiding tourists in Kings Park, my life on the family farm... all kinds of venues and times and places. Treat it like an odd kind of storybook, from a multicultural, broad-spectrum vividly lived life.

If you're after contact details, read this; you will need to be signed in as a friend to view it.
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