tikiwanderer (tikiwanderer) wrote,

Weight loss notes after month 11

Well. Almost a year through. And, for the first time, I'm posting a gain this month. Which is a bit disappointing. I'm not sure whether it's half a kilo, a kilo or somewhere in between, because I've gone up and down a lot this month. I started by gaining a kilo. Then I lost half a kilo, then gained another kilo, then have lost most of that. I even ended up with a BMI back over 28, which I didn't think I was going to see again, though thankfully it hasn't stayed there. So the gain isn't all sticking, but I'm not managing to lose anything I didn't just gain and I'm not getting back to where I'd got to. I am sad about this, but also pleased at the same time. I injured my foot three months into the weight loss process. And while my weight loss has been slower since, it's taken til now - eight months later - to start reversing.

I'm at the point where I really can't do much more with diet - while imperfect, my diet is about as good as it sustainably gets. I'm never going to completely quit chocolate! So only exercise will keep pushing the weight down. And exercise is getting more and more problematic - there's a new pain in the side of my foot, which I assume is a different tendon starting to complain about taking too much of the workload, so that makes three different tendons that are getting aggravated by exercise. I really am not exercising enough, and I put my weight gain this month squarely at the foot of that. Combined with the sudden change to cold and rainy weather, there's a great tendency to curl up under blankets with a book, a hot sweet drink and a biscuit and stay there for a day at a time. While as a general rule I don't, there is noticeably more time spent doing quietly not much. I've also had several mild depressive patches this month, and I'm sure that hasn't helped get me off the couch or the laptop.

So, new goals for next month. To get below my previously-recorded lowest weight from two months ago, is the first and main one. That's about one kilo. Second, I'd like to get below the currently-set goal on the Wiifit, which is about one and a half kilos away and also expires at the end of this month. I'd like to make that goal! Third, I'd like to get to the point I was at when I fell pregnant with child #2, but I don't know if that will be next month or not. That's another two or three kilos. I still have around five kilos to go in my total goal, with fewer than that many months left now. So losing two kilos this month would be very helpful in the overall picture.
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