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Weight loss notes after month 10

This month has been a little disheartening. I think I may have managed a half kilo loss, or a little less than that. It hasn't been much. The curve of my weight loss has really flattened out in the last three months and I feel like I'm starting to stick at a new set point. The last week all my measurements have been within 0.2 kg of each other. I would feel like I've lost nothing at all, except for one thing. In the last month, I finally dropped below that artificial goal, the one set by the limitations of my measuring technology (which is a total of around 12 kilos or near enough). I dropped below it by a good 300g and stayed there for a few days. So I thought "right, let's do the full weigh-and-test that will allow me to register that I made this goal and set a new one". And when I did, I discovered that in fact it was assuming I had 600g more clothes on than I actually did. Thinking about it, that's not surprising - I started this process in midwinter when I would have been wearing more, but it meant that all my summer measurements (when I wore very little) were inaccurate. So I set the clothing indicator back to something more accurate. This meant that I was no longer below that goal. And despite my efforts, I haven't managed to get below it - in fact, I gained weight back on in the second half of the month. Because of the change in measurement process, I keep trying to remind myself that actually the line of my loss has gone down a little bit, if that error was still there the points would look lower than they do. But it's easy to forget that when you're looking at what seems like a straight line.

I really need to boost my exercise to speed the weight loss back up. I've managed to shake a little of it off a couple of times in the last month, but then been hit by huge needs for food and even though I don't totally give in to them, it's obvious that my body is trying to retain mass. Or possibly build better mass - I've been feeling like my movement is improving a lot which implies that I am building muscle. The combined foot injuries - now three different ones on the same ankle - make exercising complicated. Anything that is good for one injury usually bothers or aggravates one of the others. Especially true since two of them are tendon injuries, one gained by not handling the healing/stretching of the other correctly. So I must work out a way around this. My body has now lost enough weight that it's demanding activity - I'm back into the zone where I need to move, to dance, fairly frequently. That is a good thing too.
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