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Weight loss notes after month 9

I'm calling half a kilo loss in this month. It might be more, or less, my weight has been zigzagging a lot the last ten days. We spent most of the month with salmonella going through the house, which got my weight right down, especially when I had recovered afterwards but was still rebuilding my digestive system and couldn't eat most foods nor much of the ones that were OK. After that forced loss my weight bounced around a bit trying to restabilise. It actually started to climb right up again, but thankfully that was just a "bounce".

In the last couple of days of the month I finally restarted my exercise regime, trying to get thirty minutes of exercise a day on top of my usual activity levels, for most but not all days. My foot's healed enough to do that I think as long as I'm careful with my exercise type and impact and quantity etc, which was exactly the same as when I first started this whole process nine months ago. So now this time I just have to build up the strength without accidentally screwing my body over in the process.

Goal-wise, I did get below a line I thought I might not, thanks to the salmonella, and while I'm not perfectly always below that line it looks like the "new normal" is dropping. So it's good to see that I'm not at a fixed point right now (again, possibly thanks to the salmonella). I also got very close to one of my sub-goals. When I started this I was using the WiiFit to track my loss, and I had to put in "a goal", but their software was a bit limited. I couldn't put in my actual goal nor my actual timeframe, as they were both too large for the WF to record. So I put in the maximum time and maximum weight that I could, intending to rejig it later. And I've almost reached that goal line on the WiiFit, which is cheering. I have a good chance of passing it this month coming. The other thing that's been amusing is that some of the clothes I bought just one month ago are starting to feel a little loose on me (and it's probably not just the crap elastics). It's probably about a 2kg difference between the day I bought them and today, so not a great deal, but I like the thought that I might outshrink them within the next season or so.
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