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Weight loss notes after month 8

This month's loss: 1 kg. Time-wise, I'm now half way to my final deadline. Weight-wise, I'm two-thirds of the way there.

It doesn't quite seem fair to say that in some ways. I am fairly sure I spent much of the previous month around this weight range, though I didn't have the scales to prove it. I know I spent most of this month around this weight range seeing as I *did* have the scales to prove it. A couple of days after last month's weigh-in, the kilo that had crept back on did one of my predictable drop-one-kilo-in-two-days thing and I've stayed almost the same weight all month. Until the final week, when it started to creep back on again and I was back up to last month's marker. So I was all set for posting another 0 kg loss/gain, and absolved my sorrows in a bag of Burger Rings. The next measurement, I'd dropped 1.4 kg and hit a new lowest-weight-yet point, finally breaking through the previous 'floor' that I hadn't been able to drop below all month. That was yesterday morning. I knew it would be in part water-loss as I'd been drinking green tea, wasn't sure how real/solid the loss was. And *then* I finally caught up to the main phase of the virus my son has been trying to give me all week and spent the day with diarrhoea. So I wasn't going to record my monthly weigh-in today as it seemed like it would be not accurate enough. But in fact, when I checked, I'd gained a tiny amount since yesterday rather than lost any more, probably through re-hydrating, which has put my weight back into that same stable point I've been sitting at all month. So I decided to run with that and call this set-point my current weight.

This month's official loss means in terms of mini-goals that I've now lost more than 10 kilos since starting this process. I'd hoped and expected to reach that goal two months ago, and unofficially I did but it hadn't lasted to a weigh-in. I'm now sitting at the approximate set-point that I was caught at when my first child was an infant. My next mini-goal is a numeric one - to drop below a certain point, which I was very close to yesterday so I'm hopeful I can make it next month. The goal after that is to reach the lowest weight I was between pregnancies, which is about one and a half to two kilos away from where I am. In theory I could do that in a month but the rate I've been going I'm not seeing myself reaching that one for two months. I might try remaining optimistic though and see how I go.

The challenge for next month will be to move off this set-point, and see if I can post a loss again. If things continue as they have been it'd be another 0kg loss/gain, or even a small gain depending on where in the cycle the final measurement falls. But, having dropped through that floor once gives me hope that I can break the set-point and start the downward movement again. I am comfortable at this weight, a lot more comfortable in terms of being able to wear clothes I'm happy with and not spending a lot of my energy being depressed, but I'd be just as comfortable at the goal I've set or lower so... lets keep going. I still think it might be possible to lose not just my original goal amount but a full twenty kilos by my deadline. The foot injury is both much-improved and compounded - the original injury is getting better and healing, it's close to normal again, but I've hurt one of the other tendons in the process of healing so exercise is still problematic. I have however started a new job that involves walking, and while it will only be a few hours a week that might help with the physical activity levels. I think I'm back to a point where if I want to keep losing weight it's time to boost the exercise levels again, I just need to do so in a way that doesn't aggravate either injury.
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