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Weight loss notes after month 6

Putting up this month's notes a little early seeing as I'll be too busy with family stuff to hit my scales on the 29th (my clockover day).

This has been the challenging month now I think. I lost a little over 1.5 kilos in the first two weeks, then spent most of the next two weeks slowly gaining weight at the same rate I've been trying to lose it. I think I finally managed to halt this trend and send it back downwards in the last few days, despite (or because of?) Christmas feasting. So my net total for the month is about 1.5 kg, maybe 1.3 kg depending on exactly where you call the start and end points. I was a bit disappointed with the weight gain, but to be honest I had expected that to happen immediately after the foot injury. Continuing to lose weight for six weeks after the injury and to *then* start a slow gain isn't so bad.

It took a fairly serious heat wave to knock my exercise patterns back down to almost zero, and I think that contributed to the gain too. Between that and starting to see a physio about the foot I really did change my activity levels and not in the weight-loss-helpful way. I'm boosting my exercise back up again though now - I can't afford to let my metabolism sleep for three months til summer ends.

As far as achievement levels goes, I didn't make any particular milestones this month though in the first couple of weeks I really thought I was going to. I didn't make it to a total loss of 10 kg thanks to that gaining fortnight, though I did dip under the 10 kg line for a couple of days. But: I am definitely feeling better about my physical appearance, and have lost enough weight that people are noticing. Which seems odd, as I'd be only marginally lighter than I was this time last year, most of the weight I've lost was put on since all the people giving me compliments have seen me.

I've also started wearing three pieces of clothing again that I had outgrown - one of my favourite work dresses, a pair of karate gi pants (and it's so nice to be able to wear properly jointed pants again even if they do have no pockets!) and a very druidy-natureish-hippy green and yellow swirling dress. I wore the latter for Christmas and enjoyed it. I haven't got to wear it often - I bought it ten years ago when it was way too big for me but when I appeared to be gaining weight fast enough that I'd fit it soon after. I halted the weight gain then though, and never really fit the dress well until after pregnancy. But it's not a good dress for breastfeeding in so I didn't wear it then either. I got to wear it a couple of times between pregnancies but then have been too big for it since. So now is the first time I can really wear it well.

Goals for the next month: to keep the weight loss travelling downwards even if it's slow due to heat lethargy. I'd really like to hit that 10 kg mark and stay the other side of it. And grow into a few more dresses and pants.
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