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Weight loss notes after month 5

This is the month that screwed most with my perceptions of what I was doing and what was working. So far.

Just before the end of last month, I'd realised that I needed to bump up my exercise. I'd gained enough fitness, and gotten slack enough on what I was fitting into my thirty minutes, that I wasn't really getting my heart rate up into the zone for very much of the time. Most of the time it was sitting just far enough below where it needed to be to not have much effect. So I increased the amount of physical activity, including more dancing into my day, a couple of days in a row. And I loved it. Until I woke up the third morning unable to walk. Plantar fasciatis, it turns out, is one hell of a bitch. The exercise change had worked - I dropped a kilo that week - but I couldn't continue it.

This month I have barely been able to exercise. I still got a lot more in in the first couple of weeks, because I'd got into the habit of constantly jiggling around and being active in all my spare moments. It was much harder to do that because I was trying to stay off my feet as much as I could to get the tendon healing. But I did anyhow. It's lessened as the month went on because the habit is breaking a little - I have to keep suppressing the urge to dance. However, my dietary habit changes have helped a lot. Because I wasn't burning quite as much I wasn't hungry as much, and so my "don't eat when you don't need to" habit meant I ate less than normal too. So overall, the effect was to lose two and a half kilos. Which is back up there with my fastest rate.

You might see why I'm surprised. I'm sure it's a combination of being able to manage the food intake vs. the injury, so that I didn't regain weight, and the simple fact that I changed the pattern. I can't just diet this weight off, unfortunately, being one of those people who survives famines beautifully. Like all nearly-to-menopause women I'm designed to give the calorie sources to the village children and subsist on what's left. I stabilise to whatever intake I've got. But I have noticed that losing weight seems to correlate to changes, the times when you shift what you're doing so that your body's fooled into burning more than it takes in. That last couple of days of last month I lost one kilo. My weight then stabilised around that point for a week to ten days. And then I lost another kilo almost overnight. And then I stabilised around that point for ten days or so. And then I lost half a kilo, and stabilised. The amount I lost in the last two weeks of this month isn't much, and in fact I may have gained that half kilo back again, I'm waiting to see if I really did undo the work of the last ten days in the first two days of month 6. And that's because I'm not really changing that much at the moment. I can't reduce what I'm eating any further particularly, and I can't exercise more. The plantar fasciatis is still being a bitch, and now my other foot is starting to show strain signs from taking extra load to compensate at times.

So I'm really looking forward to being able to dance again. But the amount I lost this month is pleasing. I am now permanently below the lowest weight I'd managed to reach after having my second child, which I hit around the time we moved to Perth. So all weight gained in this city is permanently gone. I am around the weight that I was one or two months after having my first child, so I'm now back into that post-pregnancy range with five kilos to go until I surpass that one too. I am also past the half-way mark for amount of weight to lose to reach my goal, and I've reached that half way mark a few months early. So if I can keep up the weight loss there's a real chance I can increase my goal. My current goal is basically a pre-pregnancy weight. However, my original adult weight was lower again by about what I've lost so far - I gained a whole chunk of weight when I moved to Melbourne at the beginning of one winter and my body said "OMFG COLD COLD YOU'RE GONNA DIE". So if I can continue losing weight well like this, then I might be able to return to a pre-Melbourne weight range too. But I'll see how I'm doing when I hit my current goal.

My next sub-goal is a numeric one, about two to three kilos away and probably two months away. Though at this point in time every kilo feels like a goal.
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