tikiwanderer (tikiwanderer) wrote,

Weight loss notes after month 3

I'm a day or two late on the month's official measurement as we've been away, but it does look like I managed to lose about one and a half kilos. So I'll call it that. Which brings me to six kilos in three months, so I'm happy with that so far. Still clearly trending downwards. I hit a couple of milestones this month. First, I dropped below a BMI of 30 and managed to keep it there, which means I'm no longer in the technical definition of "obese", just "overweight". And second, I am now at one of my historic weight points, the one around when Robin was born. I have about two kilos to go to get to the weight point I was just after Sparrow's birth, and that's one of my next milestones. I'm hoping to make that in the next two months.

The interesting thing I learnt this month was that intestinal worms, or threadworms, are really common. And that our family all had them. Don't ask me how I diagnosed the problem, just don't. I also recommend not Google-Image-ing the topic either unless you've first thought carefully about what the search results will be like. At any rate, a few days ago we took tablets for them and I'm in the middle of going through and doing all the hygienic cleaning to prevent reinfestation. When I told James, one of the first things he said was "Don't tell me that's why you've been losing weight!". I hope not. But, I also don't think so. I'd noticed this month that I'd had more of a struggle to not drink sweet drinks, a habit I'd easily broken at the beginning of this weight loss process three months ago now. There was a constant sense of needing the quick extra energy. We also only saw symptoms of the worms in the last three or four weeks. Once I'd taken the worm tablet and cleared out the excess, so to speak, I suddenly lost all interest in sweet drinks again. So I think that my body was attempting to counterbalance the increased energy draw by adjusting intake rather than by sucking it out of stores. Which would be typical.

Anyhow, feeling cheerful. Weight loss is continuing at an acceptable pace, I'm managing it all OK, it's getting easier to fit the thirty minutes of extra exercise a day in, there's no real stress over diet, it's all working. I hit two milestones this month and have another two to hit in the next two months. It's all progress.
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