tikiwanderer (tikiwanderer) wrote,

Weight loss notes after month 2

My loss was slower this month. As expected. It's commonly slower the second month anyhow, I was a bit more slack on some of the basic principles, and the first month was a much bigger loss than my goal so this month was always likely to be less than that. I still beat my goal of one kilo a month - I think I lost about one and a half kilos net. So I'll continue the program as I've set it, and keep it up.

Some interesting notes from the month though. First, that was net loss. I actually gained two kilos in the middle of the month, and lost that again so my total loss was something like three and a half kilos. So I know that being conscientious with this system of mine works. Second, I'm not sure why I suddenly gained the two kilos. I am reasonably sure though that it has to do with the only thing that changed then - at my mother's insistence, I tried eating soy grits for breakfast to help prepare for menopausal hormonal stuff. As soon as I stopped eating the grits, the weight fell off again with no more than standard effort on my part. I've been vaguely aware for some time that certain female hormones are extremely influential in weight gain and loss, and I decided that this was more data towards that premise. So I think I'll wait another six or eight months before attempting to mediate my own hormones for a menopause which theoretically is still five years away, and see how much weight I lose in that time.

The third note, which I make here for my own positive reminder, is that losing a kilo a month is actually quite hard to see when you have a daily cycle of around a kilo to begin with. Watching and recording my weight every few days, I'm mostly seeing fluctuations in the daily cycle, and have to just patiently wait to see if there really is a longer-term trend. Trying to lose two kilos a month is a lot easier to see and manage because the trend is more visible. But, I'm not sure how steadily attainable that goal would be. I'm happy with my current goal of one kilo a month, and just hope to beat it as often as I can. Two kilos a month would mean I got to my goal weight much sooner, and I am a bit on the impatient side.

The fourth note, which I make here for a less positive reminder, is that at this speed, I'm still working off the small amount of weight I gained since moving to Perth and having some basic lifestyle changes (mainly breastfeeding decline/finish and not having to go up and down stairs twice a day). So I've a ways to go to get into losing the weight I gained from pregnancy, which is responsible for about 15 kg of my excess (and then there's another five kg or so of weight gain from events prior to marriage). But I'm almost there. And my BMI has now got back down under 30, making me technically overweight rather than obese. So that's good. I'm enjoying being able to say to myself "Now I'm the same weight as I was when...".
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