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Weight loss notes after month 1

Been doing this a month - made the decision to start around June 29th, it's now July 31st. Last weighed myself on July 29th and I'd lost three kilos since I started. I'm pleased with that.

My aim was one kilo a month, and it still is, but I knew the first month I might lose weight more quickly. Partly the whole "it's easier when you first start" thing, and partly because I was up above my last known setpoint, so in theory dropping back to that setpoint should be comparatively easy. My body *likes* to stay whatever weight it's set at, and so moving the setpoint is what I expect will be harder. But at the same time, this three-kilo loss was steady, and effective, and I'm hoping that I might be able to continue the loss process past the setpoint even if it's at a slower rate. The basic rules of "don't drink your calories", "cut the snacks", "skew the protein/carbohydrate ratio", "on most days do 30 minutes of exercise above and beyond your normal activity level that gets your heart rate up to light-sweat-point for at least half that time" and "don't eat after 6 pm" are working just fine. I already feel a lot better. It's gotten slightly harder already to get the 30 minutes of exercise, because at first I could get it in two minute blocks because I was so unfit my heart rate would go up straight away. Now it needs four or five minute blocks to make sure it goes up for enough of the time, and the kids often interrupt me at three minutes. But I'm still managing it. And I'm feeling better - I always was very active and have been feeling unhappy about the forced comparative inactivity of the last few years, so shifting the balance back there in my favour is working out, well, in my favour. The diet rules are ones that aren't really rules, as such, just more the way I used to do things before various combinations of pregnancy, breastfeeding and caring for very young children (sometimes all three at once) drained my metabolism to the point where I needed constant energy input to manage the mental fatigue. So I've just turned back to my old eating habits, convinced myself that I do not need to be constantly trying to fuel my brain in order to survive, and convinced myself that I no longer have to be fat to protect my children. The psychology of that last one was an important step I think too, there were some undertones of that related particularly to my second child who had feeding issues.

So, it's all working. Hoping to keep it working. May get harder to judge, as my weight varies by around one kilo in the course of a day so a one-kilo-per-month drop is tricky to see happening. But we'll see.
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