tikiwanderer (tikiwanderer) wrote,

I've blocked anonymous comments

I really didn't want to do this, it goes against my general sense of open communication, but anyway. You can no longer comment anonymously on this blog: you have to be a registered LJ user, or I think you can also use OpenID to comment. I have always resented having to sign up to platforms in order to communicate with friends, especially as there's so many different platforms which people use. So I'd left commenting open to anyone. I had to change the settings to screen anonymous comments a couple of years back when one persistent troll was annoying both me and anyone who posted on my journal. He (and it is a he, I knew him in highschool) even went to the effort of researching up other commenters to try and deliberately provoke bystanders into joining an argument. So I screened all anonymous comments. I figured he or any other troll that wandered by wouldn't get the satisfaction of seeing their comments appear and would get bored. I dealt with anonymous unclaimed comments by the usual blog principle that you let through those comments intended to contribute to interesting discussion and delete without engagement those comments intended purely for provocation - and it's my blog, so I get to decide which is which. Unfortunately, he or someone very similar has been commenting again recently (didn't he get bored waiting when I didn't post on this blog for a year?) and I must have let enough of their comments through that they've decided to keep it up as a regular pastime. I'm getting bored of having to delete their comments. So, ID'd comments only from now on. Sorry about that, guys. Those of you coming here from Facebook or Twitter will have to comment there if you have something burning you want to add.
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