tikiwanderer (tikiwanderer) wrote,

Bruce Rock

Last year when I arrived back in W.A. I had a sudden hankering to go explore the granite areas - out around Bruce Rock, say, or Westonia. Parts that direction, anyway. We talked about it but it didn't happen. Chatting with James tonight it came up again and he said "Let's do it". Which may have been a way of getting me to go and work on my laptop and leave him alone so he could complete another XCom: Enemy Unknown mission or three, but it suited me fine. So, we're booked: we found a weekend a) in August that b) does not contain an Eagles home game and c) does not conflict with seeing Prof. Brian Cox live on stage. And we'll head out. Not sure what we'll do - most of the stuff to do out that way is of high interest to me and small interest to the kids, but a quick minute of research suggests enough little things that will work to be fine. The kids are at a funny age where they *might* really enjoy bush stops to go haring around weird rocks and trees and look at flowers, but then again they might not. However, I give the working-order vintage machinery at the local museum even odds of holding at least one child's interest at a time. So we'll drive out via Quairading and Shackleton (where I can peek at a house I seriously considered buying ten years ago), spend some time at Australia's third-largest monolith, and then come back the next day via Kellerberrin, Tammin etc on the Great Eastern Highway. There are more rocks along there I wouldn't mind seeing, but I suspect seeing Kokerbin and Bruce Rock will suffice for the rest of the family. And just covering the ground and the towns will be nice for me - it's been a very long time since I drove that stretch of road. Possibly twenty years, and even that was rail rather than the highway with no diversions. No, wait, it was 2003, but I was a bit distracted at the time after a major car accident just outside Coolgardie so I don't remember the drive particularly well. At any rate, it's an area I'll be happy to refamiliarise myself with.
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