tikiwanderer (tikiwanderer) wrote,

Armatey and Sillyhead

Sparrow: Uncle Chris is a sillyhead. He said my name was Robin and I have green eyes.
Me: (laughing) Yep, that's pretty silly. Uncle Chris is good at being silly.
(pause) (more thoughtfully) He's also pretty smart, you know. He knows all kinds of things.
Sparrow: He doesn't know he's a sillyhead.

The kids were playing on the couch. They'd put a couple of big cushions on it. My bossy-as-usual daughter said to her little brother "It's a ship. I'll be the captain." Robin drew a breath to start up the "I'm put-upon wail" and Sparrow remembered that she had to give him something to do too. So she said "You can be the armatey". I had to ask what an armatey was. Both kids immediately said "Aaarr! Matey!".
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